05 December 2012

Another addition to the family....

A military hospital lets me down again.

After a 24 hour roller coaster that ends with the me in awe of how beautiful my new baby girl is, it is all brought to a screeching halt when the records personnel brings the birth paperwork into the room. I'm instructed to take it to the state to receive an official birth certificate. Seems simple enough right? Well it is, but as soon as look at the "birth certificate" I'm shocked. It's a plain piece of paper with a sticker on it that is supposed to be a seal. Now I'm aware that official birth certificates take a while but what I can't understand is why I'm required send this very unofficial document to the state government to apply for the real one. This is my third child, and I have never had to do this before. The only thing I have ever been required to do is enroll my children in DEERS by updating the DD1172 and have them added to TRICARE. Oh well, we all the military has a way of teaching you to do things yourself...otherwise you end up with a child without a social, birth certificate, or citizenship.

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