10 December 2012

Can you give daddy some clothes too?

My week old daughter is the apple of my eye. Like any other father, I would spend my last to provide for her. Despite these feelings, I have not purchased one clothing item for her. Instead, she has been showered with items from family and friends. They have just been handing us stuff without us asking, as if Christmas has come early. She has more shirts, socks, and pants than I do. Her wardrobe could stretch through weeks of social interactions with ease.

I couldn't be happier for these gifts, they save me money. I just have one question, can daddy get some clothes too? My wardrobe is minuscule in comparison. I struggle to leave home in what one might call "fashionable" attire, meanwhile this little girl who is unaware of her surroundings is given more than enough clothing to put on her own runway show. I would like to look good too.

All I ask is that someone, anyone, help me out.

A dad in need of jeans.

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