08 December 2012

Help! My kids won't let me sleep!

Every night there is a battle of wits in my house.  In one corner you have an overworked dad who knows that he has to get up before the break of day to conduct PT. In the other is a tag team consisting of a toddler and an infant who seem to wait for the exact moment when relaxation has finally set in to create chaos. So what do I do to survive? I'll tell you....

1. Keep the infant close. A bassinet (or something similar) is a must. So many parents rush to try to get there kids into a crib all the way down the hall, only to be frustrated with the frequent trips throughout the night.
2. Let them eat their dinner! Fighting a battle at the table will help you win the battle of shut-eye. Don't let your children leave the table without eating a substantial amount of the food you have prepared. A full belly helps anyone sleep.
3. Have a bottle and diapers on hand before you go to sleep. Go ahead and prep for the night. Keep your supply close to you.
4. In the event that your sleep is interrupted, handle everything at once. If they want a drink, change the diaper afterwards. If they need a change, throw in a nightcap. It may save you from getting up again.
5. If you have multiple children try to get them on the same schedule by forcing all of them up at once.

You won't eliminate your headaches but you might keep them at a minimum!

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