31 December 2012

The Best of 2012 from Dads that Blog

Among the tens of thousands of parenting blogs only a select few have a title or description that contain the words dad or father.

I recently joined a collective of bloggers who all hold the title of dad. They each bring their own perspective on fatherhood, marriage, and life in general. 

It was suggested that we all submit our best post of the year. This outstanding list of post is what we came up with. Enjoy!

Ask Your Dad -- Dear Hypothetically Gay Son

Dear Hypothetically Gay Son
DadScribe -- Why we have kids

Why we have kids

Rob Hatton's Blog -- Honoring Pearl Harbor

Honoring Pearl Harbor
DadDoes -- Top 10 Phrases That Will Reduce a Parent to Tears

Top 10 Phrases That Will Reduce a Parent to Tears

Fodder 4 Fathers -- Education vs. Intimidation: Why Your Parenting Philosophy is not Mine

Education vs. Intimidation: Why Your Parenting Philosophy is not Mine

Designer Daddy -- Gays, Muppets, Chicken + Jesus

Gays, Muppets, Chicken + Jesus

ihopeiwinatoaster -- "May Your Song Always Be Sung"

May Your Song Always Be Sung

The Real Matt Daddy -- Saying Goodbye to "Campa"
Saying Goodbye to Campa

Ray's Blog -- The Upside of Timidity

The Upside of Timidity
Rather Be Shopping -- “Dad, Does Our “Elf on the Shelf” Have a Penis?” 
Dad, Does Our Elf on the Shelf Have a Penis?

Biggest Legends of The West in One Photograph: Fake or Real?

CuteMonster -- Toys Reflect Our Story

Toys Reflect Our Story

A Daddies First Miscarriage and the Feelings that came with it

Raising Children Without a Father of My Own

Mommy's Busy... Go Ask Daddy -- Spider-Man, My Kids, and the Kissing Episode

Spider-Man, My Kids, and the Kissing Episode

On holding hands (a meditation on being a father)

Luke, I Am Your Father -- A Sublime Parenting Moment

A Sublime Parenting Moment

Daddy's in Charge? -- The Parenting Wars... Starring Legos

The Parenting Wars... Starring Legos

Active Duty Dad -- Who's Shoes to Fill

Who's Shoes to Fill

The P Word -- Lessons from America

lessons from america

Ay yo, Be a Father -- The Intro...

the intro

Dads Round Table -- Giving From the Heart

giving from the heart

A Blogger and a Father -- Looking at my Boy

Looking at my Boy

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