30 December 2012

The Unsung Hero

As a service member, I have received so much love from the civilian population. Countless times I have been stopped while I'm out in public and thanked for my service. It is overwhelming sometimes, especially when this heartfelt thanks comes from children who look up to military personnel. 

The support we get is great, but there is someone who gets left out. They are the true heroes. Without these people the military would be an utter failure. I'm speaking of the military spouse. 

My wife's job is the hardest in the military. 

1. Pay - Nothing
2. Training - Sink or Swim
3. Hours - 24/7
4. Position - Wife, Mom and sometimes Dad, Accountant, Child Counselor and Personal Assistant
5. Stability - Shaky at best

Like so many other military spouses, my wife becomes both parents at a moments notice. They all juggle an erratic schedule. Willingly they pack up their lives in whatever town their spouse is stationed only to move to the next place and start over again. They watch us train, prepare and deploy as they stay back and pray that we all make it back. All the time they are fully aware that some of us will not return, some will be physically different, but all will be wounded in some form or fashion. Throughout it all it is not unusual for these spouses to have full time jobs, cart kids back and forth to extra-curricular activities, and support charities. The job that the men and women who share the title of military spouse accomplish is unbelievable. 

These unsung heroes never ask for praise but I will try my best. To all military spouses out there, especially my queen, THANK YOU!! This country will never understand how important you are to the fight for freedom! 


  1. I must agree! The ones that deserve the most praise, hardly ever hear one compliment! Please pass along my sincere gratitude to your wife! Her service doesn't go unnoticed! Take care!

    Divorced Dad Chronicles

    1. Thanks so much for the read. I know you understand, being a military man yourself, exactly how much these ladies do. Not only do they support their spouses, but they take the time out to be there for every soldier, especially the ones who don't have family in the local area by hosting functions that everyone can enjoy. It really is remarkable.

  2. That is the truth! I recently got out of AD to go into ministry. My wife is thankful.

  3. disqus_al1yWPUfyb16 January, 2013 02:11

    To the soldier in this picture, I just want to tell you from the bottom of my heart, "Thank You" For your wonderful service to our contry, Sir you are the one who is the true Hero:-) I'm sending you a big salute your way. You have my 100 and 110 % support and my prayers.I hope this "Thank You" letter will brighten your day. Please stay safe. Your supporter and prayer warrior, Kyndal.

  4. Your so welcome Theron.

    You will be in my prayers.

    your supporter and prayer warrior,