20 January 2013

A Letter to Mom

Dear Mom,

I know that you look at my interaction with the kids and wonder what I'm doing. I know it seems as if I don't care about whether or not they hurt themselves. My way of discipline may be stern and appear to be harsh at times.I assure you it is not that I don't care for the kids. My firm manner is for their own good. The world is a cruel place and I'm just trying to prepare our children for what's ahead, although I know that they will never be fully ready. I'm not opposed to hugs but sometimes when they cry I would rather give them a chance to figure it out themselves. Unless they are bleeding or have broken some sort of bone, I prefer to let them walk it off, especially the boys.

I know you disagree with my tactics and that's OK. I take it as you being the ying to my yang.

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