11 January 2013

America is Numb...

I take the time to check on present operations in Afghanistan on a regular basis. Even though I currently serve in our armed forces, most of the information that I get is from the same sources that every citizen does. The media portrayal is one that is limited, so much so that I tend to read and watch news stories with care. My past experience has shown me how to analyze these accounts in the same manner that a parent dissects the testimony of a unruly child. Although the truth may be told, it is almost certain that some parts are omitted. The reality is, the American public has lost interest therefore, so has the media.

This conflict is the longest in the history of this country. Thousands of men and women have lost their lives and countless more have returned wounded. No one discredits the sacrifice, but complacency has set in.  As a whole, we have accepted the fact that war is normal. In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth. War is, by definition, unnatural. Any combat veteran will tell you that.

The lack of concern has trickled down to the next generation. Our youth view war under the goggles of a video game. They fantasize about massive destruction without realizing how participation in the chaos that is war affects you. Military blogs and video clips of combat are bombarded with "tactical expertise" from the Call of Duty generals. They critique the actions of Soldiers and Marines under fire. These comments are evidence of the ignorance and a lack of respect for the seriousness of our struggle to preserve the lives of our brothers.

The attitude that this nation has taken is more dangerous than that of the Vietnam era. Instead of standing together protest, albeit largely at the expense of the wrong people, we have turned our backs completely. News flash, the tree in the middle of the forest still makes a sound when it falls whether you hear it or not. We need to wake up and stand together to support the effort that is being made so that the war can finally come to pass.


  1. Sadly, it's true that we have turned our backs and begun to show ignorance bliss and the events half way around the world. We have allowed our children for lack of a better word, "glorify" war and horrors that should been seen with respect and reverence. As you stated, people play video games making war look fun. I believe many people have forgotten that tragedy is not something we actually want and we should look towards finding resolutions for peace (isn't that what we actually want for our children? a better world....)


  2. Peace is the goal, but it seems as if we've forgotten that. Thanks for the read.