05 January 2013

No! I won't put the toilet seat down!

For too many years I have heard the argument from women that men should put the toilet seat down after they are finished.
Why? Why is it our job to prep the toilet for your use? Is it so hard for you to look at the toilet before you use it to make sure it is safe for you to use?

I now declare that all women should raise the seat for men! Contrary to popular belief, we also get up late at night to use the restroom. Nobody likes to have urine splashed back at them but that's what happens when women leave the toilet seat down. Help us out ladies. Put the seat in the upright position please.
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  1. I've had the argument for over 15 years with my wife. Give it up. You're not going to win.

  2. I will not give up! LOL! She already scolded me for this post....

  3. fyi: when you flush the toilet micro drops of urine etc. are strayed for quite a distance (ie, your clothes and face ) so you want the lid down anyway. I guess you could then reopen the lid and seat for prep for the next time.....