28 January 2013

No Longer Am I The Diaper Master

Diaper wallet
Diaper wallet (Photo credit: goldberg)
I fashion myself somewhat of an elusive diaper changer with excellent defensive skill.

Let me explain.

My youngest son is now two.  Not once has he managed to pee on me. My reflexes are extremely quick, whenever he started to pee I would close the front flap with lightning speed. Through hundreds of changes and despite several hundred close calls I managed to maintain clean hands every single time. My wife swore that he would get it one but it never happened. I would laugh at her as she would scream in disbelief every time she would get an unexpected shower during a changing.

Now we have moved on to potty training. I was proud of my track record until a few days ago...

The whole family was sitting down watching cartoons when I hear the call for action. "I HAVE TO GO POTTY DADDY!!" I immediately jumped into action. We race to the bathroom and start lowering the pull up. His facial expression changes and he gets that weird stare. As soon as the pull up hits the floor I feel warmth on my hand. My heart sank as I realized my reign was over. I look down and to my surprise I see something....BROWN. The joke was on me....
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  1. @UnitedFamilyInc29 January, 2013 22:01

    Haha. Hang in there. Keep up the true, relatable and funny (and thus encouraging) posts!