19 January 2013

Passing History On: Martin Luther King Jr.

The generations before us did their part.

I remember sitting at my grandparents house every year around this time and listening to Dr. King's speeches. His voice would resonate throughout the room, he had a style of oratory delivery that was unparalleled by any other. After we listened to Dr. King, my grandfather, Bishop C. L. Lorick Sr., would tell us about the struggles that people of color endured during those times. He spoke of the marches and protest. My mother talked of being bused to school in the subsequent attempt at desegregation. They were willing to do what they had to in order to achieve the goal of equality. They also took the time to explain where we had come from as a society.

Things have changed.

Look how far we have come. Today, for the most part, our children live out the dream the Dr. King spoke about in what may be touted as his most famous speech. This state of harmony did not come about without struggle. What we must remember is that we have not quite reached our goal. Bigotry still exist and bullying is becoming an epidemic.

Fight for the future.

Like the generations before we must not be afraid to fight for the future. Parents have to come together and be aware of what's happening in our children's lives. The consequence for ignorance is history repeating itself. We must move forward without the fear of stepping back.
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