30 January 2013

The Balancing Act of a Dual Income Family

Last week my wife returned to work after weeks of maternity leave. Once again my schedule would be hectic, filled with ensuring everyone is prepared everyday.

From 4:30 am to 10:00 pm every work day, my house is filled with scheduled activities. There is not one action that isn't premeditated, even the perfectly ironed and matched outfits that the children put on in the morning. Like so many other families we depend on two incomes. Without both paychecks, we would never make it. With that comes sacrifice. It becomes an everyday struggle to pick up the slack that would otherwise be easily handled by a stay at home parent.

It's often difficult to remain so structured. Sometimes I just want to come home a sleep, my job is physically demanding, but instead I have to give baths, make dinner, or read bed time stories. It's a real team effort. I could never imagine doing it all by myself, which leaves me wondering how single parents do it. Success depends on both parents working together and multitasking.

Percent of households with 2+ income earners, ...
Percent of households with 2+ income earners, and full-time workers by income. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I started thinking. How many other families deal with these struggles? How do they deal with taking over the chores? How do they schedule their time?

Does anyone have tips or comments?

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