09 February 2013

How Could I Be So Wrong?!

As a father of two boys, I find myself being a stern disciplinarian. My boys both know that I love them but I don't coddle them at all. If they fall I check to see if somethings broken or bleeding, otherwise I send them on their way. When I found out that I was having a girl everyone told me that I would change. I denied the general consensus that I would be overwhelmed by daddy's little girl syndrome. To me that would never happen, I would treat all my children the same way.

Two months have passed and I already realize that I could not have been more wrong. She already has me wrapped around her little finger. One look into her eyes and all of sudden my mindset changes to an overprotective parent.

Hopefully my wife will take over the discipline for my daughter cause I can already see that she is going to  run me over...

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  1. I experienced this almost as soon as my first daughter was born.  I would hold her and not let anyone else hold her.  I barely let my wife take her to feed her.  I felt like I would be crushed if something happened to her and I wasn't there to help her.  Maybe it is the Hospital Corpsman in me or maybe I was just raised that way.  Or it could be that all dads are over protective of their daughters.  We want our sons to to be tough and able to take on anything the world throws at them.  But we must remember our sons need affection too.  That is something I fight with everyday with my oldest child my son.  

  2. You are exactly right, my boys definitely